Financial Planning

“Plan your finances today for a healthy and wealthy tomorrow”

The role of Radner Capital Advisors is to help its clients pursue what is important to them. It provides informed & insightful advice tailored to the specific needs of the individuals and businesses.

We empower our clients to consolidate financial information and make tough choices keeping the overall financial objective in mind.

The Planning Universe

People often turn to a financial planner to streamline their finances and set achievable financial goals, providing greater confidence to plan for their future. With right advice and little flexibility, you too can go confidently into the future you’ve imagined using our Financial & Insurance Planning tools.

Financial Goal Planning

“Failing to plan means planning to fail”

The key to achieving key financial goals tomorrow is building a plan that starts today. It involves setting priorities and understanding how to realise future goals. Here’s what can expected from our financial planning process.

Investment Planning

Investment planning is the core of financial planning. Radner Capital manages its clients’ investment portfolio to minimize potential losses and maximize gains by properly assessing risk tolerance and monitoring performance.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning involves development and implementation of retirement savings strategy. It involves reorganizing the assets to generate the returns to support the post-retirement lifestyle. For maximum benefits, Radner Capital encourages its clients to plan in advance.

Estate Planning

It is important to secure the transition of wealth from one generation to the next without any legal hassles. This, along with the ever felt need for optimisation of tax liability, highlights the significance of actual Estate Planning.

“Estate planning is a process not an event”

Radner Capital Advisors provide the professional guidance and estate planning advice on strategies that focus on the preservation and transfer of wealth, addressing the clients’ needs, aspirations and values.

The primary purpose of estate planning is to safeguard, preserve and manage the assets. Well-timed succession and estate planning is a key to hassle-free future for one and family.

Education Planning

Radner Capital Advisory specializes in creating plans to help secure education goals of children. The Education Planning advisors help in the savings by

a) Recognizing the current cost of the education
b) Defining a targeted savings goal
c) Reviewing the financial support options
d) Assisting in making beneficiary changes
e) Performance review

Child’s wedding planning

In India, every parent’s financial goal includes one major goal called ‘marriage planning’. Especially in case of female child, parents are very particular about saving money. Radner Capital Advisory helps to plan the finances and provide best for every child.

Tax Planning

Don't overlook the tax consequences while making investment decisions. In order to mitigate the tax liability, Radner Capital encourage its clients to plan in advance by rightfully taking benefit of all tax exemptions, deductions rebates and allowances while safeguarding investments and making sure that they are in line with the long term goals.

Our advisory teams offer qualified and distinctive long-term financial advice and follow the clients throughout the entire process of analysis, financial planning and management of assets.